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God created Satan, so why is he now evil?


[draft in progress] The same for humans, they can do good or do bad or be devoted to bad or devoted to good. The angels asked Allah why he would create something that would spread corruption and He told them that He knows what they know not. The scholars say that there is a correlation between this question and when on the Night of Decree in Ramadan Allah sends the angels to the earth to witness the people forsaking their beds to come pray in the masaajid. There is some wisdom to worshiping as a choice despite desires rather than being like the angels who have intellect like us but no desire to create competitions in their hearts. As for Satan, specifically, he seems to serve as some part of the challenge, though he, himself, has chosen to go astray. We have our desires (which are of both good and bad) and Satan's whispers along with the difficulties of this life to see see if we will be determined to good or not, though Allah already knows.


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