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Aiman reverted to Islam in 2002. He studied Islamic belief ('aqeedah) at Mishkah University and has additional academic background in comparative religion, though not as a major. With a BA in writing and an MEd in TESOL, he teaches university first year writing and has taught adult ESL classes. Prior to entering Islam, he gained knowledge and experience as a Christian (with periods of immersion among Baptist, United Brethren, Lutheran, Catholic, and Christian Reform communities), while he is also familiar with liberalism, conservatism, naturalism, neo-hippism, street life, etc. These various life stages all work to inform and broaden Aiman's attentiveness in dialogue with range of humanity—via this website or otherwise.

While this website is focused on discussion about Islam for mutual understanding, Now Islam also offers a free helpful course packet in PDF form and other free resources for those who wish to put the religion into practice. And that PDF is due for a second edition, so your feedback is also welcome.

May Allah guide and bless you. Ameen.

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